Single mother of 2 evicted from apartment

The mother said she was waiting on rental assistance from the county when she was evicted



  1. All the negative comments. You reap what you sow. When it happens to you and it will. You will then understand. America needs a humanity cleansing. Evil, trifling humans. Built on lies, greed, and stupidity.

  2. When I came to Houston, I stayed in Alief near Richmond and Walnut Bend. My one bedroom was $659. The next year I upgraded to a two bedroom for $739. This was from 2019-2021. I hated those apartments but I knew my situation. I now live in Katy, 7th floor of a nice unit. I can afford that because I humbled myself to save enough for that rainy day… I've been evicted before, so I learned what not to do. Make sure you have at least 6 months of your rent saved before you move into something nice. That way, if you lose your job, you have a 6 month head start to find something new. This pandemic has been going on for almost two years now. Jobs are everywhere in Houston. She had two years to plan her next move so I feel sorry for no one. Get moving fam!

  3. This is what happens when you trust a govenment that promises that they will protect your interests while at the same time deny you a living! Republicans and Democrats are at fault!
    I mean after the Covid 19 promises and the Afghan promises can anyone believe anything they say? I know I don't.

  4. 00:52 SHE SAYS, "…I know if I was in their shoes I would just wait for money – It's still coming…" NO SHE WOULD NOT! She is already behind on rent due to WHATEVER! Owners are getting sick of this 'no eviction' order and are needing their funds, too! She sounds silly. Oh, boo-hoo, Crystal.

  5. How come the father is always out of the picture. Also, I am wondering where the unemployment benefit and extra covid payment from the government goes.

  6. Not right? I guarantee being a single mother she gets about $10k + in tax returns every year, on top of ALL the free money the government has given over the past year that we and our kids and grandchildren will have to pay back, on top of working. This is just irresponsibility on her part thinking she was going to get a free ride.

  7. Nice expensive rental complex is going to want their money. She looks like one of those "I don't need no man" type of women. I'm sure she had numerous warning and notices and she basically reacted the way all probably are thinking. They took her up on her challenge and dumped her stuff on the sidewalk.

  8. She should have gotten an eviction notice, if she did within 14 days she could have written a letter or go to the housing court contesting the eviction which would have given her some more time and possibly won in court for wrongfull eviction. I've been studying all about evictions online for the past week.

  9. I’m not saying this woman is but if she’s receiving welfare she is getting that money that is paid from tax dollars to pay her rent and if she didn’t then she should be evicted

  10. All this mess is the feminist movement. The crisis is the single mothers syndrome. They think they can be independent. The majority are married to the government and want the government to pay their rent for free.

  11. I was a single parent.. it was tough but I managed.. During the pandemic there were 3 stimulus checks , unemployment , extra help and 3600 dollar checks for each child. There were also emergency food stamps , and energy assistance. Sooooo where did that money go. Also with 2. Children there should be guaranteed child support.. the state normally gives a check then collects it from the father

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