Floods, tornado displace hundreds in South Philippines

Hundreds displaced by floods in southern Philippines. Flooding and a tornado in South Cotabato province on Saturday, June 19 caused hundreds of villagers to flee their homes in Tupi town as the powerful wind funnel damaged and destroyed several homes as well as agricultural lands and property. Meanwhile, local and disaster officials reported that torrential rains caused the Simuay River to overflow, with floods displacing at least 20,000 people from 10 villages across Mindanao’s Maguindanao province. There were fortunately no casualties, and more than 8,000 police personnel trained in disaster response had been placed on standby to assist in case of severe weather. The provincial disaster coordinating office also stated that army troops and rescue volunteers had dispatched boats to bring villagers to the nearest evacuation centers.

Our appreciation, Philippine officials, army troops, police officers and all volunteers for your concerned support to the storm-afflicted. We pray for the soon resumed regularity of the Philippine people’s daily lives, and that such dangerous conditions may be curbed through our increased benevolence on Earth.


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