Fire Hydrant System | Working Process and Installation

This video explains the working of the fire hydrant system installed at the warehouse of Asia’s No. 1 Home Shopping channel Shop CJ. This Hydrant System makes the warehouse safe for storage.

Director: Akshay Bijawat
Cinematographer: Dheeraj
Editor: Shubhamoy
Music Arranger: Swarup



  1. बकवास व्हिडीओ, अगर इतना इंग्लिश बोलना था, तो अमेरिका का के लिये बनाते व्हिडिओ,

  2. This installation is totally wrong. Hydrant system is inside the ware house and inflammable substances are proximity to the electrical cables feeding the pumps. At the event of fire the cables would be burnt and pumps stop. So this is a idiotic blunder.

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