Report: Phoenix apartment rent increased 20% since August 2020

The cost to rent an apartment in the Phoenix area has increased dramatically in the past 12 months.



  1. Phoenix police undercover agents Donald Rogers, Gary Shelton, Eric Bailey are the most notorious crystal Methamphetamine distributors in the state. These criminals are responsible for many unsolved murders in the west Phoenix, south Phoenix areas. These men are known to drug women using Ketamine and MDMA.

  2. Prices across Arizona are skyrocketing. It’s been my home my whole life but I’m leaving because I just can’t afford it anymore. I’ll miss it but it’s simply unlivable. Plus water shortages are coming and the ground water is becoming contaminated. It’s devastating.

  3. This is all apart of the plan increasing food and living expenses so than you have to depend on the government and take the vaccine (and their many other poison shots )and if you refuse you will not have access to even the common human necessities…NWO is coming along as planned

  4. As a landlord I'm not seeing the problem. For years I've listened to people tell me how renting is better than owning. They only consider that day's reality. Living in places lots of people want to live will always increase rents and home prices. Unless of course the next pandemic wipes out more than 20% of people. Then you'll see prices drop a lot. Fingers crossed.

  5. There needs to be more laws around real estate for business purchases. People who buy 5 properties by just putting down the absolute minimum and expecting renters to pay off the property and provide income are part of the problem here in my neck of the woods. You shouldn't be able to rent homes if you don't completely own them.

  6. Why always building luxury living? Not everyone can afford "luxury living" or even wants it! What happened to normal living?? Used to be able to afford to live 😪

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