Phone Repairing Screwdriver, Jewelry Screwdriver Anti‑Slip Grip Screwdriver Set for Computer for Jewelry for Mobile Phone for Glasses 5% – 50% CASH BACK

5% – 50% CASH BACK : ₹14,559.00
5% – 50% CASH BACK

Easily operated, offer good weight and quality durability, can be used for watch maintenance and repairing.
Has the ability to adjust the watch while avoiding scratches with other gadgets, practical repairing tool.
Suitable for watch repair, watch battery replacement, wristband screw removal, glasses repair, jewelry processing and electronic repair.
Precise jewelry screwdriver set is simple and practical, and color-coded cap makes it can be quickly identified.
Made of quality alloy material and textured anti‑slip grip; Each tool is durable and corrosion resistant for reliable use.

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