Multiple Languages WiFi Control LED Display Board, LED Screen, for Malls Market 5% – 50% CASH BACK

5% – 50% CASH BACK : ₹14,719.00
5% – 50% CASH BACK

Support multiple languages, including French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Thai, etc.
Control display font (size, spacing, font), effect (scrolling effect), speed (fast or slow), color (full color), time, timing switch, etc.
Using USB 5V connection, ultra‑low power consumption, you can use laptops, phone charging heads and power bank charging.
Using full‑color 4096LED light chips, dot density P4, display resolution 64×64 dots, achieve high‑definition picture effect.
Support WIFI connection, can be controlled by mobile phone APP, suitable for Android/IOS mobile phones.

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