Living Alone Diaries | Date night GRWM, NYC Apartment Hunting, Styling my bf's permed hair, shopping

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Hi there! My name is Michelle. On my channel you’ll see videos about Korean beauty, skincare routines, vlogs, get ready with me, Q&A’s, and etc. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!




  1. Hi Michelle, I have been watching your youtube for 1 year. I like your videos cuz its amazing to see how you came to New York by yourselves and I like to see your life vlog, staying at home cooking and doing gym is what I like to do to relax. Your lifestyle is fine although jumping out from comfort zone is good to make friends but you don't need to change if that makes you feel too much. 🙂 Support u

  2. I love that you guys don't feel the need to live with each other! for my bf and I, we love our private space but especially in a situation like yours, we would look at things financially because splitting rent is low-key so nice lolol. xoxo

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