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Question: Equity release for a 28 year old?


Hello my names Jonathan from HouseBuyFast and I’ve got a question to answer here from and this was registered tbahri.

What legal documents are required to rent apartments in the UK for an expat who’s just arrived in the UK with no previous UK addresses.

It’s a good question it is going to make life a little bit more difficult for you I’m afraid. You haven’t got a credit history here I would think and you haven’t got things like an employment contract or previous landlords that you can go to for a reference.

So what you’ll need to do is think about your own situation, is there someone in the UK here who would act as guarantor for you or do you have a big pot of money somewhere that you could put down as a double deposit or perhaps pay 6 months or years rent in advance.

That would be of real comfort to a landlord who’s then going to look more favourably on a lack of references for you, but in terms of technicality really all you’ll really need is a passport or photo driving licence, something like that just to prove you are who you say you are.

As I said paying rent in advance should help or if you’re coming over here to become employed in the UK, a job offer letter, a reference from your future employer should hopefully do the trick.

Every agent I’m afraid, every landlord is different, so you’ve really just got to put the best package you can together and then start knocking on a few doors and see who answers.

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