1. Here in Canada, it’s not as bad in that fewer percent of tenants aren’t paying their monthly rent. Many landlords have to resort to enticing people with signing bonuses/first two months rent free.

  2. It’s called inflation. Biden increased the money supply. That means your money is worth less. Wait till they pass these trillion dollar fake infrastructure bills. More inflation for all of us but it will hit the poor the worst. Keep voting Democrat. What could go wrong?

  3. This is a golden opportunity for notary publics to weed the bad apples out of the market.

    Please landlords, have your tenants put their skin on the line by swearing to a notary public.

    Make them tell the truth under oath.

    Either they'll be shamed for being "professional tenants" and walk away, or they'll be busted for perjury and you can evict them en absentia once the state DOC takes over their "housing arrangements".

  4. The government screwed up honestly. The extra 600$ unemployment, should have gone directly to the landlords. Some people got the money and chose not to pay it. Now we’re looking at a nightmare scenario🤔

  5. People who became unemployed due to lockdown were getting an unemployment, why didn't they pay rent what are they spending money on? Plus most of them were getting $200 per person in food stamps? I don't know about all areas but in my area we had a lot of rent assistances from the city as they got huge funds, but of course you had to be qualified and prove that you lost a job/income due to lockdown and not just because you never worked in your life and someone will pay your rent, when you have a car payments you know if you don't pay the car is going to be repossessed , what the people were spending their unemployment money on?

  6. We PAID OUR RENT…we did NOT SUCCUMB TO THE SCAMDEMIC! This was not handled professionally… money should've been given to the Landlords as Tenant credit… vouchers could've been provided to renters for utilities(payable to the company)…and by relaxing eligibilty for Foodstamps… so on and so forth… this is a damn shame… government mismanagement has turned America into a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY smdh this is a "HOT MESS!"

  7. It appears that Idaho has about 0.54% of the entire US population

    It appears that Idaho has about 0.36% of the entire US China Virus deaths

    It appears that Idaho DID NOT have a statewide eviction moratorium

    Does anybody see anything wrong with this picture?????????????????????????????

    Nazi Germany

  8. Why are people allowed to take out loans for a home they don’t “own” to rent it out to have someone else pay it off? It’s like thanks for paying off this house for me you can get out now. How are you gonna profit off of something that you don’t own lol.

  9. Rent hike on paying tenants is not a good idea, landlords will not be able to recoup the money they have lost in the pandemic. Landlords will create a bigger problem trying to pass their losses onto good paying tenants. You are going to cause a mass exodus.

  10. Rent prices are simple. The price is what the market will allow. Same applies to apples and oranges at the grocery store. If you don't like the price then you rent somewhere else. That's the way this world works.

  11. keep extending the eviction moratorium. I haven't paid in a year and a half and I'm loving it. I'm totally trashing my apartment right before I leave. Leave my landlord with a nice $20k bill lol

  12. Looking for a cheaper place to rent? It's hard to find affordable housing when bad tenants are staying in the property you want to move into. Eviction moratorium can keep bad tenants in property for more than a year. So affordable housing supply is reduced and landlord is left with ten thousand dollars in unpaid rent. Prices go up in the entire neighborhood. Good tenants suffer most in the end. When you find a good landlord or a good tenant work together and protect each other.

  13. Look at all the inflation of other products that have happed over the last year … things inthe grocery store are up 10 to 20 percent… You could say the same thing for cars all the sub components for the cars are up so the cost of the car goes up… Same goes for a house. Maintenance costs are up… material costs of building new appartments are up… thus rent is being raised to compensate. Do people find this a surprise?

  14. If the landlord wants a new car guess who going to pay for it, if he wants a new house guess who going to pay for it,if he wants more money in his savings account guess who going to pay for it the renters.

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