Kasheli Furniture Market near Mumbai | Bhiwandi Furniture Wholesale Market | Interior Design

Hi everyone! We are starting a new series with this video of exploring markets in and around Mumbai! So, if you’re planning a home renovation or just wish to buy few furniture pieces, this would give you a prefect idea for places to visit!

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3) For lights:

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  1. Hi everyone! We had shot this video in March 2021 before lockdown. I Had a minor Headache during the shoot hence we didn't shoot detail shops on the same day.
    We have requested shops for permission to shoot individual shops which we have got for some of the shops. We will shoot them hopefully in June 2021 post lockdown.
    Stay home stay safe.

  2. Shop : Woodenza furniture
    I have ordered a sofa almost 1.5 months back. During this period they had given 6 delivery dates n they fail to deliver all the time. Initially I have already paid 50% amount at n still waiting. They give rubbish excuses. What u have to do……… u know better….

  3. Hi…Nihara madam,
    All the videos that you have made so far are very creative and innovative.
    It becomes very easy to work with the information base received through the videos made by you.
    You openly tell all the relations, contacts without keeping any trade secrets, it is very appreciable.
    Thanku so much for all YouTube videos…

  4. I am from Kolkata and occasionally visit Mumbai for office work. Will it be prudent to buy sofa set from here (moderate budget) and get it delivered to Kolkata considering high transportation cost ? Thanks.

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