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Finding student accommodation can be very tricky and takes a lot of time. When I started looking for student off-campus accomodation, I found it very difficult.
But some how I found this house. I pay around 350 CAD per month including all utilities. In this vlog you will find what’s inside my house and you can relate the same to other student accommodations here in Ontario, Canada.



  1. hey, will stay in that house with room meets or alone .. I mean I'll get an idea for such big house how much it will cost … because I'm moving there on Jan intake 2022 so please guide me. thank you

  2. Hellow Uncle,
    My son, Farhan, last Jan.2021 have copleated his BSc(hons) in Computer science Engineering. He has intention to get Admission in MSc in computer science.
    He needs a cheap ($300-500/month) single room ( attested bath + toilet) like you. Beside, he does not know to cook. So room partner (student like you with separate room) will be very much needed.
    Please answer me, ur help will be highly appreciated.

  3. Hi, I got accepted into Conestoga Kitchener downtown campus and all the accommodations I was able to find were at least 30 minutes bus ride away. Any suggestions how can I find accommodation near the downtown campus? It’d be great if you’d reply to it.

  4. Hye sister I am from amritsar planing for Canada in sep intake can you please let me know one thing Should I go for 2 year program of business- international business Or 3 year co-op program of business administration-supply chain and operation management from Conestoga college?? Which will be better for international student who is coming after +2 . Moreover I don't have any friend or relative there so it is very difficult for me to choose one. Please guide me best and let me know if any other student is planing for same college who can plan with me. Thank you so much I hope you'll give attention to my situation

  5. hello theja sis…I'm Nimeshika from Sri lanka…I hope to come to canada this year and I watched your all the videos…And I have to ask from you , How you speak fluently? and Can you help me to improve my English speaking…

  6. thanks for this video, I want to ask you, this house inside T of U << I need accommodation with my wife , I have accept letter in T of U , Where I find loke like this house

  7. Hi please advise if Conestoga Kitchener downtown college will be reopen for Jan 2021 intake ? I have received letter of acceptance from Constego but confused if college will be reopened or its jus remote sessions

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