Inside a Japanese Inspired $135,000,000 NYC Apartment With Central Park Views

This week we are touring the 79th floor unit of the iconic 432 Park Ave building in New York City. This full floor unit is designed in a traditional Japanese style by world-renowned artist and architect Hiroshi Sugimoto! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazerLA , @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312!

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Property Address: 432 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Specs: 5 Bedrooms, 5 Baths, 2 Half Baths
8,055 sq ft interior space / (748 sqm)
Listing Price: $135,000,000
Listing Agents: Noel Berk, Elizabeth Mercedes Berk
For More information on this unit, feel free to contact the listing agent:
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Mercedes Berk Team’s Website:
Mercedes Berk Team’s Instagram: @mercedesberk

Developed By:
CIM Group – <a rel=”nofollow” href=” target=”_blank”>
Harry B. Macklowe

Architects of 432 Park Avenue:
Rafael Viñoly –
SLCE Architects –

Architecture & Design for the Unit:
Hiroshi Sugimoto –
New Material Research Laboratory –
Tomoyuki Sakakida
YUN Architecture – <a rel=”nofollow” href=” target=”_blank”>
Susan Yun & Felix Ade

About 432 Park Avenue:
Located on Park Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets, 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere. Designed by Rafael Vinoly, this extraordinary 96 story tower rises 1,396 feet and redefines the Manhattan skyline. All windows measure an expansive 10 feet by 10 feet, flooding residences with abundant natural light and spectacular views of Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, Atlantic Ocean, and many iconic Manhattan buildings and avenues.

The interiors of the residences, designed by celebrated architect Deborah Berke, epitomize elegance and sophistication. Residences feature 12’-6” finished ceilings, private elevator landings, service entrances, windowed eat-in kitchens, and large master bedroom suites with two bathrooms and adjoining dressing rooms. Interior finishes include solid oak flooring, custom hardware, and the highest quality natural materials. Windowed kitchens feature white lacquer and natural oak cabinetry, Miele stainless steel appliances, Dornbracht fixtures, marble countertops and floors, and windowed breakfast bars overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Generously proportioned Master Bedroom Suites include two bathrooms fitted in book-matched slabs of Italian statuario marble with freestanding soaking tubs, cubic marble vanities with 22” oval sinks, and radiant heated floors. Staff suites, office suites, climate-controlled wine cellars and storage units are also available for purchase.

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Created by Enes Yilmazer (DRE 02077182) – @EnesYilmazerLA
Filmed by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312
Edited by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
2:56 – Salon & Tea Room
8:30 – Kitchen & Family Room
15:09 – Bedrooms
18:49 – Primary Bedroom Suite
24:41- Outro & Final Words



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  2. Those rooms looks so elegant, relaxable and comfotable.
    But as a Japanese, wtf is that 1:40 back screen is so creepy…
    That statue typically which means peaceful but that's kind of demonXD

  3. Идея материального существования давно себя исчерпала. Нелепо рождаться для того чтобы всю жизнь работать за миску баланды. Для цивилизации настало время отказаться от материи – хватит размножаться.
    Деторождение это преступление против человечности.

  4. Ordinary people, will never ever have access to this kind of things (views, experience, etc), we are busy paying bills. This is is for guys like, Elisson, B. Gates, Larry Page, so on and so forth. Well, with $10m you fill rich, imagine with $150m, you are considered multi millionaire. But in this case, this apartment tells that, even if you have $150m, "mate you're poor". I was wondering, even if you have $500m, you've be buying this, not even $1billion, which probably will represent 10% of your net worth. Well, we are not all the same, life is just insane.

  5. Some of the comments here show that a lot of viewers are not really familiar with the Japanese aesthetic or Zen culture. The apartment is simply stunning and checks all the best marks as far as this eastern aesthetic is concerned. Enes did a great job of conveying that tranquility and sense of zen that suffuses the apartment. People really need to travel beyond the shores of America, see the world, appreciate other cultures, expand your thinking and your horizons, get your minds blown and generally enjoy an amazingly enriched life!

  6. Sorry Enes , I just do not get it ? This is priced at 135M …. Can anyone get their heads around this price …… and for what ? Views are sensational for sure , but many other apartments in this block also have great views …… not at 135M price tag ……

  7. I can felt that Enes is speechless to this apartment, not because of how beautiful it is, but "nothing much to talk about" in this apartment. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Simplicity and minimalism can be more affordable. With $135M, I would get a $50m Mansion in LA and have tons of supercars and toys in my garage. Of course, different people value different things. Peace off. Love The video anyway. Great job, Enes.

  8. The interior design of this apartment is stunningly beautiful. The minimalist design is perfect. This is a place to rest the body and mind.
    Great presentation – thanks.
    The only problem now is to find a billionaire buyer with good taste 😉

  9. MashaAllah! amazing apartment and very detailed tour. The intro was especially good. Very alerting I must say. Not having much music is a good idea. Made me realize that the apartment is very, very quit with zero outside noise.

  10. Enes, Mikey, I trust you both enough to ask you these questions. Do people in America wear shoes in their homes? Does that damage the wood floors if they do? Are there other interesting apartments like that? And lastly when are you visiting Europe to film some of the homes (and maybe meet with fans – fingers crossed)?

  11. I hate this building. Those square windows give me anxiety. I don't know why, but it doesn't matter what the decor is, those windows make me hate every apartment I've seen in this building. The kitchen doesn't quite work with the rest of the decor. I think this is more of a place designed and decorated with an editorial mindset, I think I'd get narcolepsy living there.

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