Cyberpunk 2077 – All Items & Collectibles For V’s Place! (Apartment Customization Guide!)

All the unique collectibles and memorabilia from V’s Apartment in Cyberpunk 2077 and how to get them detailed in this brief little video.

Although the customization of Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t the greatest, I know a ton of people want all the collectibles and unique items in their place to give it a more lived in feeling, so here are all the quests and methods to obtain them!



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  2. weapon wall? my weapon wall is the trunk of my car. And it's filled with only the heavy machine guns …. 30 of them …. they also automatically manufacture bullets back to 300 after every use

  3. The troll plushie, as well as the Wolf School shirt and jacket, the Galaxy shirt, and the Black Unicorn katana, are all rewards for connecting your GOG account to your copy of Cyberpunk.

  4. Wicked. I never actually noticed any of those collectibles apart from the wall mounted weapons and the cat.

    After I got the cat though it seemed to just vanish or become invisible … every time I returned to the apartment I’d hear it meowing somewhere near the basket but couldn’t see it anywhere.

  5. Yeah, Cyberpunk is one boring AF simple world in a while, what a fkn shame! Back to GTA and maybe a GTA6 announcement at the end of this year? Man I, along with probably everyone who watch this was so hyped for CP2077

  6. I’m really hoping that we eventually do get a custom home or homes. I’d love to display other items from my playthrough. The Keshin pistol takemura gives you, Johnny’s outfit, limbs and organs removed at a ripper dock would be a morbid and funny edition. Like the courier’s spine, heart and brain containers in old world blues.

  7. Hold on! The stuffed animal: order from where? I got mine from Gamestop and I don't have it. Looks like I've just found another example of paying full price for a game and not getting a complete product.

  8. I've got Peralez poster after just one quest for him, long before I did the "Dream on". And I have also the Scorpion statue, dream catcher and this zen master bag in my inventory but they doesn't show up in apartment 🙁

  9. There are more items for the apartment but I think some are bugged. I can't finish the weapon wall because River's gun is bugged for me. It has the yellow exclamation over it and somehow I have 3 of them lol

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