1. Dude how the hell do they not know who it is with so many social media posts?? The idiots who did it HAVE a snap of that shit happening and them running how TF can you not trace an IP address?? People only care when people fucking die, I swear.

  2. damage someone's property and then run like scalded dogs how would they like it if someone shot fireworks at their window they wouldn't like it very much people are so stupid lately

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  4. No arrest will be made.
    Its okay to shoot up dope on the street.
    Poop on the street.
    Have sex on the street.
    Walk into CVS or walgreens, take whatever you want and walk out.
    You can also shoot Fireworks at Police if you are "Peacefully protesting" and you WILL NOT be arrested.
    So stop pretending to be outraged LEFTist MEDIA.

  5. Wait… you let tons and tons burn down buildings and loot and and and… but your going to “report” they let off a firework that went into a building window??? Man you are moving up in the news area alright

  6. whose going to pay for the damage? where did the glass go, did anyone get hurt from the glass falling? i would never imagine im in DTLA and random glass falls onto me. stay inside after dark people. UGH> i think 4th of july so be removed as a holiday in the USA system. do other countries do something like this? the only country i think of is spain but about new years day?no more fire works for anything.

  7. Why would people live in high rise? It's expensive, inconvenient, and in Dtla it's very difficult to get around to places. Constructions literally everywhere, people, traffic, bad roads, etc etc.

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