Westland apartment fire displaces 100, burns for 12 hours | FOX 2 News Detroit

A 100 people have been displaced after an apartment fire in Westland blazed for 12 hours before crews managed to get things under control. A lack of firewalls in the apartments is believed to be the reason why the fire burned for so long.



  1. Just yesterday there was an Apartment fire, get real Fox 2 this is very suspicious, I' would think That the insurance company's Are Thinking why on earth are apartment fires every day, Covid Panic, and more money is needed Just set your Apartment on fire, Whats on for 08/06/2020 another one..fire?🔥…People time to call a News Station, and let them know if an Apartment fires is every day, thing
    Its not just a coincidence and the news media will not put that out there……🔥

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