True Crime. Is the Vampire Caius Veiovis guilty of triple murder?

David Glasser along with two of his friends disappear from his Pittsfield apartment and Caius Veiovis, along with two of his friends go to trial for triple murder.
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  1. I love your videos, and every time I see a new one I have to mentally prepare myself because you always seem to pick the most heart-wrenching cases. I really appreciate the level of empathy you show in all of your videos for the victims.

  2. Thanks Dave! The bit at the end covering the victims and the loss of them on their surroundings was such an important addition. While there's a lot of excitement, thrill and awe in looking into these twisted murderers and their crimes, its equally as important to acknowledge and respect those who suffered – for no reason at all – in the hands of these sick individuals.

  3. Imagine the jury selection for this shit show…
    Defense attorney: "Juror #1, are you afraid of vampires?"
    Juror#1: "Is that even a real thing??"
    Defense attorney "DIsMiSsED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  4. Thanku so much Dave’s lemonade for opening my eyes to this utterly horrendous case, out of the many crime vids I’ve watched this 1 has hit deep in my heart. This really saddened me, I knew there’s evil ppl in the world but far out this is a whole other level of evil. I find it very suds that the other guy wasn’t investigated more, it shows once police decide some1 fits the crime they make sure they fit. I truly believe the last guy’s innocent & bc of his appearance & strange interests he was charged & found guilty or you’d think he’d take that 7yr deal. Boy this case hit me hard!
    Edit: something that really stood out to me was that the police found not 1 bit of DNA evidence in that guys house, not 1 knife, clothing, shoes zero & he had a lot of support from employers etc his just a wanna be harmless vampire in my eyes

  5. Intellectually, but not morally, impaired. Poor David and friends, so sad they had to endure this. The murderous fiends and their lawyers, smiling and laughing … sickening. Thank you for the thoughtful eulogy for these good men.

  6. it takes days to get DNA results, how can they say there was none on any of the many weapons in the house, thus they werent taken.. . sounds like lazy police work to me.

  7. Don't judge a book by its cover is a good point I don't think its the case with Caius though have he not had a criminal record I might lean more to him being indeed innocent. their are many people that come across as looking like freaks and intimidating only to get to know them only to find out they are kind friendly caring and compassionate. and others that might look like friendly wonderful neighbor only to find out they were serial killers! Gacy the iceman btk etc. to the outside they looked normal

  8. I lived on robins av in Pittsfield mass when this happend is was right around the block. My friend juggalo joe lived in the house behind "mr horns" what a scary time thanks for the memories again I almost forgot

  9. Well we all like DEMOCRACY, but unfortunately a lot of people misuse the meaning of it. The police just by looking at him should have been alerted ,take him of the street and only after a mental and health check up to be released. I know very well a lot of people do not agree, especially the drug users or whatever jokers are running around . I am not the best person in the world, but somewhere I have my limits, especially when I see what can have daily to our grandchildren. For myself I want this type of people removed by law!!!!!

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