The Disturbing Case of the Scream Killers

“Everybody at school’s gonna know?”

In today’s true crime documentary, we’re covering the case of the teen slashers.

Interrogation analysis, licensed attorney
Psychological analysis, BA in psychology

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  1. Thank you for the subtitles! I love crime investigation videos but I can't really listen then because of my hearing condition so this means a lot πŸ’–

  2. I'll never understand why these idiots allow themselves to be questioned without asking for a lawyer. Doesn't matter if your guilty or not, the police only care about closing the case. But the fact they know they're guilty and they still proceeded without an attorney… they deserve everything that comes their way.

  3. @1:59 This kid sat in a room eating boogers. Isn't that usually more common in toddlers or like 3-5 year olds? These boys both seem way more immature than my 11 and13 year olds.

  4. 8:50 it's sick and sad how they are talking to her casually while knowing it was her last time alive. She had no clue or any reason to think her life was about to end. Fucking sick world we are living in

  5. Brian seems to have become remorseful regarding his actions (based on jail house interviews): he acknowledged what he did, and says he deserves to be in jail. On the other hand Torey not only doesn't admit to what he did, in his jail house interview (where he sits alongside his parents) he gleefully blames Brian, and his parents refuse to acknowledge what he did. It's a pretty important window into how cruel Torey was and (arguably) how much of a hold Torey may have had on Brian. Both are guilty, undoubtedly, but it's something to keep in mind. I do think that Torey took advantage of Brian and exploited major weaknesses in his personality.

  6. Absolutely no disrespect to anyone but these lads are sociopaths not psychopaths. Have a look on Google at the differences. There are some similarities but some important differences.
    Psychopath…. Good at lying and manipulation.
    Lack empathy and guilt but can fake it.
    They can usually hold down a job and a "normal" life.
    They are normally very bright. Intelligent. Good liars.
    Charming. Not able to form Emotional attachment, but will fake it if it suits them. They fake emotions to fit it, but don't actually feel it. The don't feel guilty.

    The school misfits, clowns, rebels etc.
    Erratic behavior.
    History of school issues, work related issues etc. Do have friendships. Possibly have relationships. Socially inept. It's obvious that something is not right, not necessarily that they are dangerous, more that they are likely to be the kid at school who would steal your car, shoplift, drunk drive etc. They lie and deceive, get into trouble with the law, in jobs etc. Get in fights are reckless.
    It's 4am in the UK so hopefully this makes sense?
    Psychopaths.. They are the ones who after a. Murder would have neighbours who are stunned saying they'd thought he was a quiet polite neighbour who they simply can't grasp what the person has done!
    These two. Sociopaths are generally the ones whose neighbours are sat on the news station camera telling the reporter that they just knew they were a wrong un who was always a bad boy.

  7. Thank you for capturing two serial killers before their death toll increased. Sounds like they were processed as adults. I would have liked a few more years added for the animal killings but that's just me.

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