Swimming Lessons for Kids: Build Water Comfort with these Swimming Pool Games

In our first swim lesson for young kids video we take a look at the fun games and ways to get preschool aged kids not only excited about water but comfortable in and around water! A great way to do this is using the paint game and the candle game, let’s dive into the lesson!

STAY TUNED – More videos on kids swimming lessons coming soon!

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About Kids Learn To Swim Series
In this series, we show you how to teach both younger and older children (ages 2-5 and 5-10). We’ll teach you how to swim with real learning progressions that are applicable in the pool environment . AquaMobile private swim lessons are great for Adult swimming lessons, swimming lessons for kids, and swimming lessons for young adults. These swimming lessons for beginners will introduce a new swimming skill in each video. Learn how to swim for beginners, how to blow bubbles underwater, how to get comfortable in the water, how to float, how to glide, how to swim freestyle, and everything in between!

About AquaMobile
We are the leading at home private swim lesson provider in North America and Australia. Our certified and insured swim instructors travel to your home to teach private learn to swim lessons or provide private event lifeguarding services in your own backyard, condo, HOA, or Apartment pool in cities across the United States, Australia & Canada. We’ve taught thousands of students young and old how to swim safely and effectively.

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