Spicy Pitch Episode 8: Shreyas Iyer

Welcome to the Iyers’, where Shreyas’s swashbuckling style is complemented by the humility of his lovely parents. His growing up years in Mumbai cricket circles, his belief that he should have been picked earlier for India and his captaincy experiences at Delhi capitals, everything, right here

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  1. What a wonderful person actually he is and such a supportive family😇😇actually, we are soo blessed to see them in the interviews❤❤❤ thank you soo much for this video😇😇

  2. When his dad《Santosh iyer》 answered that at the age of 14 he is bad on studies ! I thought i'm now 15 i'm also little bad on studies ! Soo after 17 age i will become as like him?🥺 i want to be as like you mannn!!!!!!!!💯🧚🏻‍♀️♥️🌍

  3. I've been seeing this for 4th time since last year.. All i could notice is some mixture of emotions. Be it him not getting selected for India team.. Or any thing else… Such a composed and responsible person he is! 👑

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