Single mother's belongings thrown in dumpster after mistakenly evicted from Dallas apartment

UPDATE: One day after the story aired, the Riviera Apartments released a statement about the apparent eviction, apologizing to Bonner and saying they are trying to fairly compensate her:

“Since learning about the incident involving Brianni Bonner and her young son our senior management team has been trying to reach out to Ms. Bonner to apologize and address the problems caused when our staff mistakenly emptied the contents of the wrong apartment,” the statement read.

Then, on Friday, David Margulies with the Riviera Apartments said the situation was not actually an eviction mistake. Margulies said a maintenance crew was sent to paint an empty apartment but went to the wrong apartment. He said the crew did empty the apartment in order to paint the unit, but there was very little furniture.

Margulies said representatives for the complex did meet with Bonner on Friday to make things right but were referred to her lawyers.

“We want to offer our sincere apologies for the way the situation was addressed once the error was discovered and are attempting to contact Ms. Bonner to discuss how we can fairly compensate her and her son,” the statement from the complex continues. “In addition, we are reviewing our procedures to see if additional safeguards or training are necessary to help make sure this type of incident is not repeated.”

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  1. They said she had very little furniture and things in the apartment, but no matter how much she had in there it was HERS!!!Then they try to give her a $200 gift card are you serious TAKE THEM TO COURT AND THEN BUY YOU A HOUSE

  2. Girl law suit oh no they threatened you through your stuff in the dumpster you didn't get e eviction must give you that even tho they had the wrong place ohhhh girl then they insulted you because your black offered a 200 dollar gift card… your stuff should have never been removed from your apartment period civil suit there responsible for your belongings being stolen you work hard for your stuff and they lock you out .. it's a pay day you.. get you a female lawyer make pay for your embarrassment mental health upsetting yours kid… nobody should be treated like that.. ohhh this story pess me off ..she when you get throw with them your school can be payed for… the judge is going to side with you your already a winner

  3. That’s not just a mistake that is incompetent staff. They need to compensate for her belongings and give her free rent for 6 months. Please contact legal Aid or your State Bar Association to find an attorney and sue. Once your lease perhaps move.

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