Serviced Accommodation Peterborough

Serviced Accommodation Peterborough
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Serviced Accommodation Peterborough | Mayor’s Walk

Mayors House is a high quality Serviced Accommodation in Peterborough

We believe we have everything you’ll need – fully equipped kitchens, spacious living rooms, bath/shower, free WiFi with super fast internet access, Netflix, complimentary tea and coffee and free parking.

​Behind the scenes sits a dedicated team, all with one driven goal to exceed all expectations creating unique customer experiences for all our guests, whether your’e staying for a short or extended period of time.

This serviced apartment is a family run business by SRK Accommodation our goal is to create an innovative experience for our clients.

Probably the best serviced accommodation in Peterborough

​Creating a memorable experience is more than just great hospitality – it’s a way of life. We live this ethos each and every day here at SRK Accommodation.

Serviced Accommodation Peterborough
Best Serviced Accommodation in Peterborough
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