Resale Apartment vs New Apartment : Pros & Cons : Real Estate Guide

Should I buy a new apartment or a resale apartment? This is a question that confuses many property buyers and in this video I take a look at some pros and cons of both new projects as well as resale flats.

Affordability, Financing, Technology, Location, Amenities. These are the five major things that we look at in this video.

Please ask yourself five question for home buyers ?
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what is FSI ?
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what is Carpet Area Vs Built Up Area vs Super Built Up Area ?
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0.00 Intro
1.08 Affordability
2.17 Financing
3.49 Technology
6.06 Location
7.09 Amenities

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  1. Hi bro, if I buy a resale property, for checking or verify the legal complications, should I hire a lawyer or the bank will do the verification to ensure that there is no legal difficulties

  2. Good evening as you debate on resale flats any new flat is also bought by builder and after demolishing the old house he fixes modern gadgets to attract customers who invest in amenities which they would rarely use

  3. Hi Sir, your video is most useful in real estate, but you telling a common things only.
    If suppose you can explain some particular place for next grow in Chennai and the reason for grow and price of that location like that it will be more useful.
    Also you have mostly talking about only flats not for plot if you can talk about plots also will be useful

  4. Hi, your videos are very interesting & informative.. Can you give some explanation regarding cost effective minimum budget friendly building🏢 new techniques. Usage of Interlocking blocks, Gfrg… Merits/demerits of it.. Keep ahead bro

  5. நான் சென்னை UrbanTree ல வீடு புக் பண்ணி ஏமாந்துட்டேன்! மக்களே, தவிருங்கள் UrbanTree… நம்பாதவங்க இத படிங்க எல்லாரும்.. பல பேர். ஏமாந்துட்டாங்க .

  6. Brother assalamu alaikum..
    Ungala maadhuri theliva pesra oru channel ah romba naal theduitu irundhen.. maasha allah kidachitinge.. great job.. well explained about everything in real estate.. knowledge again aaayita iruku bro… jazakallah..

    And enaku oru 70 lakhs kulla nalla appartment vaanganum nu aasai.. loan la vaangura idea dhaan bro.. ipo ve book pannitu oru 2 years la project mudinja kooda parava illa.. apdi oru project near vyasarpadi la irundhu 10 to 15 km la kidaikuma? Apdi oru nalla place sollunge bro insha Allah..
    Eargerly waiting for your reply..

  7. What u think abt buy resale property oly 3 yr old.. we r booked in phase 3. builder delaying for handover then we know abt resale in phase 1.. already occupied.. also price is reasonable when we compare to builder price..

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