Pyramid View, Elvis, Peabody Ducks & Beale St

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My name is Eric and I travel with my cat, “Jax” in a 2001 Chevy Fleetwood Tioga Arrow 24D Class C RV. We travel about 35 miles a day chasing 70 degrees year-round. Here is my gear & some popular questions answered:

Gear: (UPDATED)*
*Video: Canon M50 with 11-22mm EF-M Lens
*Stabilizer: Zhiyun Crane 2
*Additional Lenses: Canon 50mm,15-45mm, 75-300mm & 10-18mm
*Audio: (On Camera) Rode VideoMic Pro+ With Rycote VMP+ Deadcat
*GoPro Hero 6 Silver with Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel mic for Driving Narration
*GoPro Hero 4 Black for Timelapses
*SJ4000 for driving shots out the front window.
Time Lapses: Gopro Hero 4: 2 second intervals. Sped up 1200x, cropped 4K down to 1080 for panning
Night Lapses: Gopro Hero 4 Black manual settings: 800 ISO, 30 second Shutter, 3000K WB, Protune On
Slow Motion: Shot 1080p 240fps. Reduced to 8% in Post Production
Additional Audio: Sony ICD-PX333
Editing Laptop: 2015 MacBook Pro 2.8ghz i7 16GB Ram, 500 SSD
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Editing Encoder: Adobe Encoder – Presets: MP4 VBR H.264 16mbps
Aerial Drone Shots: DJI Phantom 3 Standard Shot in 2.7K Downscaled to 1080p
RV MPG: 9-11mpg depending on generator use. (7.4L 454 Chevy) 78,000 miles
Solar: 500 watts on tilting brackets on roof. 5 AGM batteries totaling 400 amp hours
Mobile Wifi: AT&T Unlimited
Jax is a MaineCoon/Ragdoll Tabby mix. He weighs 24.8lbs. Born April 21st 2010.
RV is 24 Feet Long
Tennessee Hayride by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



  1. hi Eric, I recognize I believe I recognize the RV park your staying at as I have stayed there on two occasions. And around the corner is a Cracker Barrel where I was parked at Saturday night. for future reference in the event you decide to go and check out the nightlife including having a cocktail, there is a shuttle bus for $10 round-trip that will pick you up in front of the RV office on the frontage road take you down to the nightlife downtown area and pick you up and take you back.

    The shuttle buses run until 2 AM the last pick up got to be on it or you’ll be taking an Uber back if you can find one. You may have driven right past my RV boondocking smack dab right out in front near the road at the Cracker Barrel maybe not I’m sure that you already left that area. I hope you had a great time I love Nashville

  2. 10:12 gorgeous player piano. My mom had one, in the 50's. But it was not a baby grand, just an upright piano player. The cherry Home Amphitheater organ I have, plays several Chicago Orchestra tunes.

  3. Please continue to check out food places and eating 🙂 I love that stuff. interesting to know who has yummy food and what the different food places looks like. Keep up the amazing work Eric.

  4. Don’t wanna see you eat? I’d love to see you go to more famous restaurants like Versailles in Miami…El Sebonay in Key West….Stuart’s Smokeshack in Nee Smyrna…..Franklins in Nashville….Pete Lugers in NYC….etc….I think viewers would like that

  5. Fun video! My son and friends went to the Bass Pro shop and it’s pretty neat. My favorite one is in Springfield, Mo. it’s not safe to get off the beaten path in Memphis, sad like so many inner cities, the crime is horrendous. Sad too that Graceland is so expensive to tour. Safe travels and thanks for sharing the sights and sounds👍😉🇺🇸

  6. Thanks for another great video, I really enjoyed it.
    Just curious, how much does Jack Daniels Distillery pay you to advertise for them?
    I know you’re pressed for time, but, you overlooked two major cultural icons of Memphis, TN. The first is Sun Records recording studio. Rock n Roll was, basically, invented in Memphis, by Sam Phillips, at Sun Records. Elvis started the Rock n Roll revolution, but he went downhill fast after he hooked up with Col. Tom Parker, sold out, and left Sun Records. The second is, I know, a bit controversial, but, the Lorraine Motel, or, as it’s known now, the National Civil Rights Museum. Martin Luther King was assassinated there in 1968. It’s probably a generational thing, though. We Baby Boomers lived through that epic, tumultuous time, and it still resonates strongly within us.
    The city of Memphis, TN was named after the ancient city of Memphis, Egypt. The pyramid is an obvious cultural link.
    I really liked the Honda Grom segments. That is a cool little bike. I’m thinking of getting its brother, the Honda Monkey.
    Happy Trails

  7. Howdy Eric, just a little FYI they can't LEGALLY stop you from filming or taking pictures of Graceland. As a supreme court decision, the eyes can't trespass, so if you can see it, you can film it. But, thanks for the video, and that little bit about the king of Rock and Roll, thank you, thank you very much. If you do come to TN again, you HAVE to swing through Chattanooga and say 'howdy'. Anywho, you and Jax take care and YHVH bless brother.

  8. Oh man you missed out not going to Huey’s! Also there is Gus’s fried chicken! Graceland does allow you to take photos and you could have pulled right up to the entrance and took a look from the street! They have a pull in area for cars! There is a brick wall that people sign.

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