Odessa APARTMENT TOUR 2021 🏙

Hey! Let me take you on my apartment tour in Odessa, Ukraine. The video will come in handy for expats who want to move to Odessa and rent an apartment long-term.

I’m Elena, an expat in Odessa, Ukraine and I want to share with you the reality of living in Eastern Europe. If you’re new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE <a rel=”nofollow” href=” target=”_blank”> for new expat content every week.

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  1. о,класс ))а то я смотрю знакомые виды . Долго пыталась понять с какого дома сьемка. Это снимается с 8 го дома ?? Я живу как раз в этом ,что видно из окна 10 м. Не буду уточнять улицу в целях сохранения хоть какой то конфиндециальности.Кто понял тот понял так сказать ))

  2. What area of the city is this in?
    $550 for 3 rooms seems cheap. I have seen mostly 1 rooms in this price. Is it not a great neighborhood or did you get a really good deal )

  3. Oh this flat is not too shabby.

    I've seen some tiny and terrible what I call coffin cubicles in Ukraine which are so small and claustrophobic that personally I could not live in that. It's just aweful and like some horror movie.😱

    I'm not joking they're really that bad.😥

    Your flat is much better although I think the kitchen, bathroom could have been much better designed.

    Ideally a double sink would have been much better @15:47 and the bath should be ripped out and put in a free standing small cast iron bath tub.

    Also whomever designed the flat should be lashed because the boiler is just in a bad place. Having exposed stainless steel braided lines going to the sink, etc is just sloppy and crappy. The boiler should not be in the flat. It should where they normally put boilers in the basement or on another floor dedicated for that purpose.

    That's really bad planning.

    Ideally you would construct a flat in 3D CAD or build a mock up to scale.

    Get an idea of how it would work or not work and the design layout functionality.

    Also why didn't they put the balcony facing the sun and make the lounge room extend into the balcony?

    The bedroom would have been very nice with French doors still that would depend on noise etc.

    Double or triple glazing should be mandatory on all flats or apartments.

    To keep the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter with the additional benefit of keeping outside noise to a minimum.

    Thats the problem with bad or poorly designed living areas.

    People dont want to live in them and the owner cant get the money they want for them.

    Anyway overall not to bad for a Ukrainian apartment.😀👍🏻

  4. Электричество, вода, газ и и т.д. уже входят в 550 долларов или оплачиваются вами отдельно ?

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