Mumbai VS Delhi / India / Cost of living / Quality of Life / Prices / Climate / Crime / Property

Comparison of Quality of life In Mumbai (India) And Delhi (India), Prices, Markets, Restaurants, Transportation, Utilities, Sports And Leisure, Childcare, Clothing And Shoes, Rent Per Month, Buy Apartment Price, Salaries And Financing, Crime, Purchasing Power, Health Care, Climate.

00:05 – Markets
02:22 – Restaurants
03:20 – Transportation
04:18 – Utilities
04:41 – Sports And Leisure
05:04 – Childcare
05:20 – Clothing And Shoes
05:54 – Rent Per Month
06:24 – Buy Apartment Price
06:40 – Salaries And Financing
06:56 – Crime
08:46 – Quality of Life Index

I hope this comparison will help you to moving to Canada and choosing a city.

#Qualityoflife #Costofliving #Crime #Prices #Markets

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