Link2 HiFi Headset Portable Decoding Earphone AMP Type C USB DAC ESS9118EC Chip Bass Boost Headphone Sound AMP with 150mW Output for PC Smart Phone 5% – 50% CASH BACK

5% – 50% CASH BACK : ₹16,396.61
5% – 50% CASH BACK

♫ Type-c to 3.5mm interface design, suitable for DAC decoding ear of mobile phones.
♫ Built-in ESS9118EC decoding chip, restore lossless sound quality, enjoy hd audio.
♫ Aluminum alloy shell, fashionable and compact, CNC machining design, very convenient to carry.
♫ No built-in battery, low power consumption, plug and play.
♫ It is compatible with PC terminal through USB adapter.

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