Is Prague Cheap? Cost of Living Prague, Czechia: How Much Does It Cost?

Today we share with you our cost of living in Prague, Czechia for one month. Prague has been a really fun (and delicious) city to live in, but was it expensive or cheap? We reveal how much we spent on everything from accommodation to transport to delicious Czech food! During our time here we have been tracking every crown, so we are sharing this with you, converted into USD, EUR, GBP and of course AUD. Full breakdown of costs below.
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Summary of our Cost of Living in Prague for 1 month (2 people):
Kč14,538 CZK
$920.48 AUD
$619.41 USD
€561.07 EUR
£508.52 GBP

Kč1,303 CZK
$82.50 AUD
$55.52 USD
€50.29 EUR
£45.58 GBP

Kč14,228 CZK
$900.85 AUD
$606.21 USD
€549.10 EUR
£497.67 GBP

Kč2,920 CZK
$184.88 AUD
$124.41 USD
€112.69 EUR
£102.14 GBP

Beer / Wine / Fun
Kč3,058 CZK
$193.62 AUD
$130.29 USD
€118.02 EUR
£106.96 GBP

Coffee & Snacks
Kč2,067 CZK
$130.87 AUD
$88.07 USD
€79.77 EUR
£72.30 GBP

Kč2,533 CZK
$160.38 AUD
$107.92 USD
€97.76 EUR
£88.60 GBP

Total Costs
Kč40,706 CZK
$2,577.32 AUD
$1,734.34 USD
€1,570.97 EUR
£1,423.83 GBP



  1. You are telling me that there is a metro system there that has transfer centers? You can transfer to a different metro system etc.. bus or train? This is so crazy and unheard of. Thumbs down on the video.

  2. well i can help you with a lot cheaper hairdresser for only 80-100 czk.-for men and for women only on dry. it is always smaller hairdresser with students but they cut pretty well

  3. Average wage is about 30 000 CZK in Prague, so you could live like that here with that money as a couple easily, even save up some. That is quite impressive, since most locals do not pay rent, but own the appartments.

  4. Another possible hack would be not to stay in Prague. You could, for example, stay in the second biggest city Brno – it is very easy to travel from there to Vienna or Bratislava. Or you could be staying in Pilsen – just an hour away from Prague – but still, a big enough city to enjoy the pubs and cafes. 🙂

  5. Hey does anyone know how much Marlboro Gold costs and if they are available in most shops?Staying there soon and that's what I smoke so debating bringing with me if they dont sell them!
    A price would be nice too

    Smashing video too 👍👍👍

  6. 1500 € a month is well above average since the average salary in Prague is 1150 € lol.. Idk where you get your money from but this isnt a good deal for normal mortals in Prague. Rent shouldnt be more than 400€, and thats only doable if you live far away from the center, or sharing a flat. I hope the rent goes finally down in Czechia…the situation now is absurd.. Even flats in germany cost ~20% less than in Prague…

  7. So you spent very similar money as normal two Prague citizens. 40 000 Kč for two working people looks normal, but with Czech salary (about 25000 Kč netto is common today) it's not so easy.
    I think we are not cheap, but other countries are very overpriced and they have probably taxes for alcohol in restaurants.
    For example I was in Portugal and beer in supermarket cost same as here, but in restaurant you will pay 3 eurs for 330 ml!!!!! So you paying 66% of that price only for that they will bring it to you and you can sit there, that's terrible and our services are much better than for example in that Portugal so you are paying for nothing. But even in Latvia beer in pub or restaurant is about 3 eur which is very weird with their salaries, I think they must have some kind of tax for alcohol in pubs and restaurants, I can't find any other logic reason for such high prices in rest of the world.

  8. Hey Ross! I was researching Prague and came across your video. Thanks so much! Just flicked through your channel, why are you hiding your beautiful wife haha? Also, what work do you guys do to earn money on the road?

  9. First of all, my wife loves the flowers next to you Ross 👍👍👍
    Sim card is very surprising with that price
    Thanks for breaking the down guys
    We have idea about the living costs in Prague now
    Have a great week ahead

  10. Wow! $619 usd for 1 month for a 1 bd isn't bad!
    Food seems affordable too which is a big plus from me!
    How weird that SIM cards are so expensive there. But great video as always guys!

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