Is Buying a Home a Good Investment?

Should you think about your home as an investment? Learn how homeownership stacks up against other investment types, and consider a new way to think about your home.

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  1. comparing ROI on a house with a deducted bank loan to a stock portfolio with out a "bank loan" is an unfair comparison… you should have just left it without a bank rate deduction. Because a person who needed $300k to buy a house is also going to need 300k to invest in the market. unless you only want to highlight a 3.9->.04% home ROI on 300k vs a 6% on $1k investment. which sounds like a silly comparison. the house would still return a profit of $1.2k while your highlighted 6% would only return $60. Stocks are great and in most cases better than real estate. But what you did was showcase to the public that real estate is drastically worse in investing when compared to your bread and butter, the stock market. Try not to lie or distort educational data.

  2. you don't buy a home to make money, if you do your dreaming. with all the carrying costs, you just want to break even down the line when you sell it. but the stability, family, quality, peace of mind, this is the piece of the pie. happy wife happy life.

  3. Stock market is way more vunerable than the housing market. See corona, many people who invested into stocks had lost most of their money. So, yeah, a house/apartment is better.

  4. Great video! One thing to add is that when you own you’re not paying rent anymore. Say you pay $1,000/month rent in a year you’ll have spent $12,000 that you’ll never see again. Whereas in a home you’re getting the equity you’re putting in, minus the mortgage financing costs. Also, while investing in the market the liquidity factor is crucial since you can change up and diversify investments in a moments notice, whereas you can’t do that with a home. I personally think investing in the market is way better than investing in real estate , but I feel if you’re spending a lot of money on rent then owning may be the much better option.

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