Hundreds being forced to leave apartments in Houma

Hundreds being forced to leave apartments in Houma

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  1. Whoever the property owner/manager is are cold harder people they should be there and answer some questions but no they hide in there big houses. I always say karma is a b…. It will eventually come back and pinch there behinds

  2. I personally evacuated Belle Terre in Houma last week. There’s multiple dead inside. Most seniors are terrified to open their doors. Homeless thugs have overrun the buildings. Police/EMS assistance is virtually nonexistent. They couldn’t call the police if they wanted to. It’s absolutely heart wrenching.

  3. Don`t expect help from Joe Biden. People in Southwest Louisiana are still waiting for him to live up to his pack of lies. Thank God I was able to get a small travel trailer and some solar power with my stimulus checks thanks to President Trump. I`m disabled and have it better than these people right now. Unbelievable! Well, until the next hurricane comes, that is. People can`t even afford gas for generators or lawnmowers anymore thanks to the Devil in Chief….

  4. If they let them stay, the company could be sued for black mold which is surely going to be an issue soon if not already, or other injuries due to debris falling from the ceilings, the list goes on and on. Not to mention they have to repair or demo some of these structures and can't do so with tenants. It sucks, but I can understand this from the property owners/managers' point of view.

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