How To Construct A Soak Pit (शोष खड्डा कसा बनवतात)

Waste water from kitchens and bathing, most often flows out of the home into the surrounding areas. This waste water accumulates, creating a potential major health hazard. All this waste water is also an abysmal waste of a precious commodity – water. Is there a way to prevent, this disease causing water wastage? The answer is a soak pit. Often called, a magic pit the soak pit is a cost-effective, simple to construct watershed treatment that channelises household waste water from kitchens and bathing, purifies it to some extent before it makes its way into the soil. Soak pits reduce mosquito building drastically and have been effective in cleaning-up the surroundings of the villages where they have been built scientifically.

This training video has been created by Paani Foundation founded by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. This technique has successfully been implemented in hundreds of villages in Maharashtra with proven results.

जलसंधारणाचा असा एक उपचार जो सांडपाण्याला शुद्ध करून पुनर्वापरासाठी योग्य करतो, तो म्हणजे शोष खड्डा. असा हा शोष खड्डा कसा तयार करायचा, हे बघा ह्या व्हिडीओद्वारे.

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  1. What if 71800 new earthen ponds and mini lakes are made dug in 718 districts of India through Govt using tender with the help of Tata and L&T earthmovers with the help of farmers in farmers land using Govt officers such as BDO, Tahasildar, collectors etc for real Ground water recharge and water harvesting with MNREGA every year untill India is water sufficient and plant trees near ponds. Govt should employ civil companies to dig ponds.

  2. सर माहिती खूप छान दिली परंतु एक प्रॉब्लेम आहे मला ज्या ठिकाणी शोष खड्डा काढायचा आहे तेथे मुरमाड जागा आहे चालेल का 9595451895

  3. not bad, but i don´t get why you need the tank – other construction methods simply fill the pit with gravel, sand+stones. moreover, since the holes are in the upper part of the tank, the lower would be full of water near constantly…..wouldn´t that make it a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of nasty stuff?

  4. @paanifoundation please make soak pit as compatible for rain water harvesting to. As many village are on hills so soak pit can also capture rain running water. As soak pit easily can capture rain waters

  5. शोष खड्डा लवकर भरतो कारण खडक आहे पाणी जिरतच नाही त्यावर काही उपाय सांगितले तर खूप आभारी असेल …! धन्यवाद

  6. बोअरवेल चा बाजूला शोष खड्डा घेतला तर चालतो का आमचे २० रूमचे aaparment आहे त्याचे बाथरूम व किचन चे पाणी सोडण्याचा विचार आहे तरी बोअरवेल पासून किती फूट shosh खड्डा घेतला पाहिजे (कृपया ज्यांना माहीत असेल त्यांनी उत्तर दिले तरी चालेल मी उत्तराची वाट पाहतोय)३)
    सन २०१८ मध्ये shosh खड्डा साठी grampchyayat कोन गाव तालुका भिवंडी जिल्हा ठाणे यांना अर्ज सुधा केला होता परतू ग्रामपंचायतीने अजून पर्यंत दखल घेतली नाही (तरी grampachativr काही कारवाई करता येते का?

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