How to Compost in Small Spaces with Organic Bokashi Composting

Bokashi composting is a Japanese method of composting created by Teruo Higa. It’s an anaerobic process which ferments the food scraps using effective microorganisms. It’s great for kitchens and small apartments!

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  1. Thank you for this video. I live in rural Japan and was surprised to find this word being used in English, although the way it's used here and in English are very different. In any case, I wanted to help you with your pronunciation of the Japanese name Teruo Higa and the Ryukyu Islands. Teruo is pronounced with three syllables "tay-roo-oe." You got Higa right. 'Hee-gah" And Ryukyu "ryu" is like "few" with an "f." And "cue" for "kyu." ryew-cue , two syllables. The Japanese "r" is different from an American "r" but this is fine for now. 🙂

  2. can I use bokashi to feed my worms in my worm composter? I live in an apartment and I have little to no space for gardening so I'm looking for ways to fully finish my food scraps into soil I can just spread outside, is this possible?

  3. Hi, I use a plastic sheet to push down the food scraps in my Bokashi bucket (and keep the sheet inside the bucket to limit air, just as you recommended), but I notice that water droplets appear on the underside of the sheet (the side that is touching the food scraps). This occurs more when I dump in fruit peels and vegetables. Is this normal? Thanks!

  4. Hello thank you for the great video and i wonder that can I throw some raw grains from not used for a while such as broken wheat and bulgar into the bokashi bucket along with some vegetable, fruit scraps? I bought them to cook but have not used for a while and don't want to waste them… thanks.

  5. I like the concept as I live in a small apartment with limited garden space… however, this seems like a lot of work compared to a simple compost bin in the corner of the garden. I'm a vegetarian so I'm not concerned with meat or fish scraps, and no cooked food goes to waste as I have a friend with chickens. I liked the video, but I'm sticking with compost. Bokashi seems too involved for this lazy gardener. Anyone who had used Bokashi, feel free to convince me otherwise. Thanks.

  6. How come I have to keep buying bags of "starter"? If it's indeed a starter, wouldn't it just continue to multiply once I've started it? What if I stirred it up as I added new food so that the probiotic could multiply? Thx

  7. I have a question. The process of fermentation in the bucket was excellent (I did everything following instructions). White mold, pleasant sweet-sour smell. After that I buried (trench method) it in the ground. Covered with black fabric, to prevent from the excessive Florida rain. In 2 weeks I discovered that there are a lot of maggots there. The ground is very hot. I was expecting a lot of earthworm, but did not see any. Is it normal?

  8. Hello! I would like to try this composting method but I live in an apartment and I have no garden to bury the fermented product. Would it be okay to add soil to a closed plastic box, and mix in the ingredients? Would they mix with the soil and make the same process as if in a garden?

  9. I would like to start composting however I live in a townhome and I don't think my homeowner association will allow me to disturb the grass around my house/compost. I also cannot find any composting services that I can use near me. I was told that Bokashi may be an option. With that being said, if I can't bury the bokashi after it is done what are some other alternatives I can do? I'm really trying to get into composting but coming up against so many obstacles.

  10. You pronounced Ryukyus incorrectly. Also, can I add old cooked spaghetti, bread, expired soya flour, French's brand prepared yellow mustard that has expired, fruit juice, deep fried bread, etc.? Also, which creates less waste: vermicomposting, or bokashi? It looks like bokashi doesn't actually create soil. I thought it would create soil. I'm an environmentalist and my building manager told me he got rid of the Yard Waste bin (where we're supposed to dispose of our "organics"/"food waste") because it was too stinky. I just moved into the small apartment recently. I suspect that when I start school, I will be so busy studying that I won't have time to travel halfway across the city to dispose of my foodwaste at the private house of an environmentalist. There are  city compost sites, but they charge $6 each time you go to drop off your waste. So, I would like a free disposal method. Would vermicomposting create soil that I can put directly into plant pots inside my apartment, and then grow herbs such as cilantro, basil, and have a strawberry bush? Or would vermicomposting create the same slimy banana peels?

  11. Problem ???

    Happy to buy a set of Composteur de cuisine Bokashi Organico avec

    With Bokashi barrels for the first time the second time, according to
    youtube and the instructions of the process of composting.

    14 days later, did not deliberately pay attention to the above does not
    have long white mold, nor the kitchen decomposition, to see every piece of food
    are clear that the original peel, no decomposition, then digging the ground to
    the kitchen to put the kitchen cover On the soil will think that organic


    The third time with the same process, and then look at the brochure .14
    days past no white mold ???. Wait until 14 days no white mold, kitchen no
    decomposition … … want to succeed and then use some time, Hope to
    successfully fermented, to see the long white mold. Almost 60 days. Quite
    stunned, those kitchen no complete decomposition,

    (60 days before the pods, peel, corn cob and kitchen), the taste is not
    unpleasant, but there is no white mold has been more than 60 days no, no no

    Covered with white mold, but this time a bit like all the kitchen are
    marinated salty dishes, the color has been mostly brown.

    I see model advertising YOUTUBE very easy, very easy

    Not 14 days to complete the fermentation – very disappointed,
    environmental protection and cheated feeling.

    Very … … sorry .. Bokashi Organico method lie it

    Point solution

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