Hong Kong Apartment Tour 24sqm for $7,000,000 hkd

Hong Kong Apartment Tour 24sqm for $7,000,000 hkd

Come join me in this video and see for yourself what a $7,000,000 hkd micro apartment in Hong Kong looks like. This is actually an Airbnb that we stayed at in Mongkok and micro apartments like this can go for $7,000,000 hkd. Here is the Airbnb link if you want to check it out:
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  1. Hey guys. Where do I begin, first off, I’m so sorry. There’s wrong information on this video. This property is an Airbnb we stayed at when we were in Hong Kong so the price was an estimate. I based it on a Telegraph article, the Most Expensive Cities to Live in. Hong Kong is number 3 on the list and it still has one of the most expensive real estate in the world. In the article, it said 20sqm in Hong Kong is about 1 million US dollars. (I’m still trying to find this article so that I can link it) At that time, I wasn’t very careful with the details because I’m a very small Youtuber, and I consider 500 views to be a successful video. Obviously I wanted to put “$1,000,000 USD” for shock factor and I was happy with that one article. Seeing now that it has been viewed over 46k times, I did more research and I realized that 1M usd isn't accurate. I went on squarefoot.com.hk and searched properties on the same area, Kowloon, and the more accurate price is around $6M to $7M hkd which is $890,000 usd. It's still expensive but it's not $1M usd. I've changed both the title and the thumbnail to reflect what I've just said. That's it I guess, I'm sorry again for the inaccuracies and thanks for listening. 🙂

  2. I am Indonesian and I wonder why then HK people prefer to live in narrow apartment like that, even their poor people live in weird tiny cage house… their salary look big but ended in small property, then how they will make family ????
    In other side, they have a huge parent country of mainland China with many major prosperous cities also, i think they can move to Kunming, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xian, Nanjing, even Urumqi or other 2nd 3rd cities start new life, find job there, maybe less salary but better quality living, and I also saw videos about Chinese ghost cities, a fully functined city but without citizen

  3. Happy iam living in india, my two bed room spacey apartment just cost me
    US $150 at HYD city…
    After seeing this video feeling very sad how some hard working people at HK paying 1/3 of salary for just rent ..hard work not paying off

  4. Hongkongnese think they're the only ones with a fancy skyline. They still think tourists come to see these tall buildings and "ooh" "aah" at the unbelievably cramped skyline. They don't even realize that they're being pitied that the live in such absurdly small spaces.

  5. This is pretty common in city centre. If you want to live in a bigger flat/house and pay less, New Territories is a decent place. Even if you work in the city, commute isn’t too bad either, as the transportation is really good in HK.

  6. 7,000,000 hkd in Indonesia means :
    1. a luxury house with at least 500 sqm land and 200 sqm building in Jakarta
    2. 30 hectares palm plantation in Sumatra or Borneo which provides steady passive income from palm oil production
    3. 5 units 2 or 3 story small commercial shop building which can be united and convert it into mini market (including franchise fee of large mini market brand in Indonesia),
    4. At least 5000 sqm warehouse building
    5. Apartment 24 sqm in big cities like the video above but you can own 30 units, use 1 unit for yourself and rent the rest of 29 units with 100 USD monthly fee per unit.

    Maybe the Hong Kong people don't know their Indonesian waitress do the low paid job (in Hong Kong perspective) but spent salaries and invest estates, big houses, livestocks, in some native villages in Indonesia.

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