Homgee MOMIX USB Audio Interface Mixer Portable Audio Mixer Professional Sound Mixer for PC Smartphone Audio Equipment Music Instruments 5% – 50% CASH BACK

5% – 50% CASH BACK : ₹17,862.40
5% – 50% CASH BACK

Plug and play, connect mixer to mic, guitar, bass, keyboard, electronic drum sets, and then attach to smartphone/tablet(as power supply); each has independent volume control.
Just connect headphone/amp to the audio mixer, push “INOUT MONIOTR” button, to well monitor(volume adjustable, turn to on: dry and wet sound, turn to off: only wet sound).
Wire MP3/MP4 or drum machine to LINE IN; turn “CENTER CANCEL” on to reduce the original vocal volume of playback music, making your sound prominent.
Can connect device to “RECORDING”, real time output audio to smartphone, great for live stream; work with guitar effect pedal similar software, to create music, suitable for composing songs.
Portable audio equipment, features sleek, simple, nice, fit for various scenes, lightweight, compact, not so big, space-saving, very convenient to anywhere.
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