Growing Avocado : The best avocados to grow in your garden!

We show you the techniques on how to successfully grow avocados in your garden. See the different avocado varieties to grow in your garden and then decide which one you want to grow!

We show you the Gem Avocado in detail. A daughter of the “Gwen Avocado”, the “Gem Avocado” is one of the most prolific varieties of avocado to grow. By following these simple tips, you can grow tasty and healthy avocados in your garden.

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For Spanish Viewers: hueso de aguacate como se germina hueso de aguacate como se crece aguacate semilla de aguacate germinando



  1. My friend bought a Hass from Home Depot 2 years ago. It was two and a half feet tall.It is around 3 feet tall now. This March or early April it had blossoms. Four Avacados formed on the tree. The old leaves fell off and the tip of branches produced new leàve but smaller than originall leaves. The three Avacados are growing. Of the four Avacados one disappeared. The problem is. The leaves are starting to be covered with small brown dots on top of leaves. Bottom of leave normal and no holes. Some An insecticide that covers everything was used but did nothing. I also noticed the trunk was turning light green. I fear the tree is dying. They also have some tress e years old grow from seed that are lush and robust. They were the first to get these brown spots. Does anyone know what is causing the brown dots that cover the whole leaf. I have never seen this before. The plants from seeds still have dark green trunks and trees are growing with new leaves. It is the Hass from the Nursery that looks like it is dieing. they all have been given Dr. earth Organic fertilizer and organic leaf spray in the past.. would appreciate any information to why this is happening and what to do. The trees were so healthy until recently. I can't believe this happened ☹️

  2. I just planted my Gem avocado tree from Brokaw nursery on Dusa rootstock. I have four other trees a Reed, a Lamb Hass, and a Sir Prize as well as a multi grafted tree which includes; fuerte, Mexicola and Hass.
    We like to eat avocados directly with a spoon shaking a little salt on it, also really enjoy avocados on sandwiches and in salads.

  3. 6:08 I’m growing a hass variety grafted, from the store, is giving some avocados after three years but the tree is small (5’ ft) and is like 5 years old now. Last year bought another “Pinkerton”, this year had flowers but is it a small tree like 3’ ft so may not give any fruit yet. I have three more from seeds, one of them is flowering this year, (10 years old, 9’ ft), the other two from seeds are in pots, around two year old and 4K ft.

    I’m a avocado lover 😍, your trees are beautiful! My daughters love avocado toast, I like avocado cupcakes, salad whit avocados and guacamole, my husband loves avocado tacos (corn tortilla, avocado and salt) very simple 😄

  4. Could I please cover the avocado buds with Paraflim grafting tape when I am grafting young avocado seedling..?
    Can the buds able to brake through to the Paraflim grafting tape ….?
    It is very important to me to know … Please let me know .I am your big fan from Myanmar….

  5. I V'ry interested with your Goods and Nices information for Avocado guide introducing growing well in backyard or Farm industrialized.👍👍👍👍
    Excuse me…may be it's not trouble…..P'lse give me entress or baby Avocado for me…in Indonesia.
    Thanks…for your kindnes…!
    God bless You at along times🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Hello Everybody! Been growing avocado trees for the past 38yrs. I am interested in a Gem Avocado and found that it's a dwarf type. Can this variety grow well and be very productive in a 5' square container? Read on line that the tree can be planted as close as 10' apart from each other. Would appreciate any info. on this.
    Thank You

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