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Watch & Enjoy Gangaputrulu Telugu Full Movie With English Subtitles. Starring Subbaraju, Gayatri, L.B. Sriram, Rao Ramesh, Tanmayi, Ramki, Music Composed by Praveen Kumar, Screenplay – Direction Sunil Kumar Reddy.

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The film begins with the firing at Sompeta, you’d be reminded of the pain of the displaced lives of the fishermen in Srikakulam district but as art is an imitation of life, it extends to Jalarlapeta as well. The director weaves a love story that breathes fire, pride in the face of human vulnerabilities. Gangaputrulu, the sons of the sea is an apt title for the movie based on the fishermen and their community. It is second in trilogy by the director who addresses the problems of the fishermen, throws a platform for debate, shows a solution and leaves you judgemental.

He shows the woman as being strong in the film vis-à-vis the man who runs away from responsibilities and imminent burden. The last scene in the film is a highlight that speaks volume of the mind of fishermen who live and die by the sea. The rest of the story shows how mechanized fishing has become a bane rather than a boon stripping the folks of their livelihood. There is inherent humour, there is pathos, there is a sweet love story of a woman who tries to seduce her man by dolling herself with talcum powder, lipstick and other accessories just because he expresses his disgust for marrying and leading a life with a woman who smells of fish.

Rao Ramesh as the head of a television channel lends dignity to his role, Gayatri Rao as a journalist who’s initially flippant, insensitive and careless in her attitude to fishermen and later realizes the true story provides an insight to their pressures of bringing a story, their wear and tear adds a whiff of freshness. Her conversation with Tanmayee is worth noting. Ramki looks sensitive though he has a huge brawn, both the debutants and the rest of the newcomers look real people from the community, the costumes, the slang everything is near perfect.

Some frames the awkwardness is visible but it is seriously a commendable job. All of them show immense potential, great future for niche subjects. Cinematography is beatific, music and lyrics lovely. Just go, fall in love with the vizag waters and the blemishless, beautiful fish and fishermen. FYI, thanks to Sunil Kumar Reddy for a satisfying platter.



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    ఆయన తీసిన ప్రతి సినిమా గుండెలను హత్తుకునేలా ఉంటాయి.
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