In preparation for HALLOWEEN I thought I should proooobably clean my apartment before I packed all my of new Halloween decor in there.. I don’t even know how I accumulated all of this stuff… lol Everything looks so much better now!! Do you do a fall declutter before winter starts?

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About my channel: Hey guys! I’m Heather, the crazy lady behind ArtsyMadwoman! I’m a resin artist & I preserve flowers in resin along with creating & testing out all kinds of fun crafty thangs! I hope you subscribe & stick around for the mad things we’re going to do ;D



  1. those r roots coming out ur orchid plant the planter is to small for it ,,the one that blooms pink flowers is a xmas cactus hun ,,,, love watching u n ur art u make ,,,bless u n ur husband ,,,

  2. The Christmas Cactus is the one you weren't sure on the name. My mom had a pink one that had been passed down for 3 families and was over 5 feet across. It bloomed bright pink at Christmas and Easter. But then one day it died. πŸ˜₯ one if my moms friends got her a replacement and it's a coral/salmon color and it's awesome!

  3. Depending on when it flowers, it's either an Easter cactus or a Christmas cactus. I used to have one, but it died… I also have a few orchids and they all have those roots. Your apartment looks really good.

  4. The spidey moment was the most relatable thing for me, ppl have always made fun of me for freakin out over stuff like that (esp wasps and hornets) and it’s nice to see someone else lose their shit πŸ˜†

  5. I had my own home/office cleaning business for almost 30 years and after I started a new place and got it deep cleaned from top to bottom, I would be so bored going back biweekly to clean! I would've much rather had a declutter/organizing business. I love to purge and organize even though it seems I do a much better job of that in everyone else's home besides mine! My problem is keeping all of my craft supplies organized. Would love to get one of those big units I think you had mentioned once that are like a giant closet unit with all of these drawers and cubby holes everywhere in it and then it's all kept behind to doors. Good God they are expensive though! My organizing solution at the new place I am moving to which is converting a newer 1 stall car garage into my new living space/craft studio is to find kitchen cupboards – upper and lower with a sink and a new countertop. That way everything will have it's own place and you can close the doors and not have to see any clutter if there is any. You did a great job decluttering Heather! Can't wait to see your Halloween transformation!

  6. I love Halloween! Halloween-ify all the rooms! We will definitely need some decorate with me videos and everything! Best holiday! Also, I've been slowly decorating for Halloween even though I'm moving in 3 weeks! Got these cute skeletons all over! Plus my Dia de Los Muertos skulls! πŸ’€πŸ’€

  7. I've a golden pathos for over a year now and it's hardly growing, when I put it on a sunny window sill,it didn't like it,so it's now in a darker corner and still not one more leaf has grown πŸ˜‘, yet all the people I follow in USA or Canada theirs grow beautifully. We still have my great grandma's Christmas cactus and taken baby's of it,ours has crimson red flowers. Xxx

  8. The one after the orchid is a Christmas cactus so you have to treat it like a cactus… Sand in the soil low watering (im no expert. Google it) and the flower are so gorgeous right!

  9. I know youve said thet you put your plant higher but BE CAREFUL everybody because 95 % of your house plant are HIGHLY toxic for your pets especially cats… Orchids and lilly are the worst and poinsettias too. So think like baby proofing… Dont want to loose them over a stupid thing like that… 😻

  10. I honestly couldn't watch all the way thru. But, I skipped thru like I watched it. I love you, but cleaning isn't exciting to me. I know lots of people who would watch this and I have shared it with them. I think 1 video out of 50, 60 err…. 75 videos is ok not to like. I love everything else you do, though, witchy woman. Hehehe. β€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸŒˆ

    P.s. I hope that I didn't sound dumb.

  11. Incredible!!! I am in the UK and we don't typically do a great amount for Halloween so its really ace for me to see all the fun and excitement that you put in to it !!! Would you be doing some Halloween πŸŽƒ themed makeup like you did with the flowers? I really enjoyed those!!! I enjoy every video you post!!! Big virtual hugs and love to you Heather. Your content gets me through the week!!!

  12. I have plants n crystals Christmas cactus. yes …a motion fern it moves when
    Brush hand by it and a rabbits foot plant..love your plants I have tons of crystal I will gift to you if u want some ??

  13. Hi! I don’t always comment as everyone says exactly what I want to say.😬☺️ but curiosity has got the better of me!πŸ€” please tell us what that gorgeous display is on the top far right of your shelves is. BTW De clutter is lovely πŸ₯° 🀩 WTH did you do with everything? πŸ˜‚ love and respect from the Uk πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ xx
    PS you have just answered my question!😁

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