De gezelligste raamverhuurders van De Wallen | Achter de Wallen

In deze aflevering van onze zesdelige serie over De Wallen uit 2016 gaan we mee met raamverhuurder Agapi.

Agapi staat bekend als het gezelligste raamverhuurbedrijf uit de buurt. Het wordt gerund door Devenando en Barry, allebei twintigers die niks hebben met pooiers en andere louche zaken. Zij verhuren kamers aan prostituees die over het algemeen dol op ze zijn, en met wie ze soms een barbecue organiseren of naar de Pannenkoekenboot gaan.

De Wallen zijn een plek met een berucht imago en waar een hoop vooroordelen over zijn. In 2016 maakten we de serie Achter de Wallen. Hierin volgen we de mensen die dagelijks in deze buurt werken, om vanuit hun perspectief te zien wat voor buurt dit nu is. Geen pooiers, drugsdealers en junks – maar schoonmakers, gidsen van vrijgezellenfeestjes, en het gezelligste raamverhuurbedrijf van Amsterdam, waar prostituees soms een appeltaartje voor elkaar bakken.

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  1. In the UK we have a big problem with human trafficking
    They are forced into sex + drugs
    There is a lot of Girls who claim to be escorts
    There are rooms above shops : Body massage service
    The culture is very different in England
    We just don't how to relax and enjoy the pleasure of sex ( Business)


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  3. Red light ladies or scum just be careful and the police are cooperating with them indirectly because they know them well they would I saw how they did to a guy and came against him then mistreated him

  4. Many of these women were sold into prostitution. Don't be deceived by their smiles and laughter. They are truly lost and feel hollow. Many if them want out of this life so bad.

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  6. The one thing I don't understand is – who owns the entire building. Does the Father, or are they owned by a property company, and the 'upper floors' are 'let' for any use i.e. offices and the entrance is at the rear and you go upstairs which are entirely separate.

  7. "we don't force them to work anymore" pfft, only idiots believe this. They may only rent out rooms, but the pimps still exist. These prostitutes aren't working there voluntarily, they have to

  8. You want to have fun with the girls but stay in a safe situation for you and the girls. The girl gets the money and you get the fun. No thief no man threatening and beating you. That's all. That's the business.

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    EN- Of course, my dear, you hope it will stay that way, #gays have found your way to another woman every day, sensation white's, boat tours ohhh of course you hope it stays that way. I hope you will become an eunuch and even turn to a trans woman and work in those rooms. 🙂 But how

  10. A good majority of these girls are trafficked. They DO work for pimps because they have debt they must pay off plus monthly room and board. It isn't like all these girls are working independently.

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