Bodycam video shows police raid wrong house, mayor apologizes to victim | ABC7 Chicago

Bodycam video shows Chicago police officers executing a search warrant on what turned out to be an innocent woman’s home. Full story: <a rel=”nofollow” href=” target=”_blank”>



  1. Man, If you watch Chicago PD you will see that this happens a lot. Check all info before you burst into wrong home. Get real you know you made a mistake own up to it. This lady needs more then a Apologies then what you gave her.

  2. Every tyrant involved in the investigation that led to the warrant being issued, every tyrant involved in the execution of the warrant, the chief of tyrants and the tyrannical mayor should all be publicly executed for the traitorous actions against the citizens. Until there are serious consequences for tyranny nothing will change.

  3. More mistakes which should not happen. Ignorant unqualified despicable corrupt Law enforcement. Sue for millions. Apologies don’t cut it. No accountability is rampant. What if someone was killed ? 👎👎

  4. The officers just looking at each other after her yelling at them “you got the wrong house” is so funny. Like “should we just shoot her rn? What we doing? Should we arrest her anyway? ”

  5. Notice that they have no shame ! And they think that they are heroes and they can do whatever they want to you … because badges make them right when they have the guns out and they love killing pesky citizens who don’t respect their authority and they will simply say you didn’t comply !

  6. Well the Bill of Rights is supposed to protect citizens from the government. The Judge that unlawfully signed the warrant should lose his or her Law License. The police officers should be charged with burglary. Then maybe Law enforcement will do their jobs .

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