5 Dragon Fruit Growing Mistakes to Avoid

Check out Richard’s channel: <a rel=”nofollow” href=” target=”_blank”> It’s no secret dragon fruit plants are one of my all-time favorites to grow, but I’ve run into my fair share of mistakes on my multi-year journey cultivating these incredible plants. Learn from mine instead of making them yourself!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – #1 Pot Size
1:46 – #2 Overwatering
2:53 – #3 Pruning & Training
7:01 – #4 Tipping Stems
8:15 – #5 Not Enough Cuttings
9:21 – Bonus Cactus Rust Prevention
15:19 – Outro


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  1. Hi. I don't know how to build a trellis for dragon fruits..can I grow the plants in the big pot like u and just use a big wood in the middle and tied the dragon fruits plants to the stick. Does it still give me fruits after 2 or 3 years. Thanks

  2. Mine have 3 years, they're in a super big pot, they just don't grow. I water them well, but let them dry nicely. the only growth I see is if I spray them daily or every other day. They're only about an inch long, and very very thin. Their bottom is very thin, should I bury them a bit more? They can't support themselves and I had to tie them to a chopstick. Maybe my pot is too big?

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  4. I live in north Texas and want to plant a dragonfruit, but we get winters on occasion down to 10-20F. Can I still plant one for the long term, and how can I protect it in winter, if necessary?

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