The Story Behind China’s 600-Metre Abandoned Skyscraper

How China became home to the world’s tallest ghostscraper.
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Executive Producer and Narrator – Fred Mills
Producer – Dan Cortese
Video Editing and Graphics – Aaron Wood

Additional footage and images courtesy of Goldin Properties Holdings Limited, Gringo, Alexander Kaunas, N509FZ, Google Earth, Styfly Studios, SkyscraperPage, UncleTV and Muxuan1983.

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  1. Short Term Reckless ambitions >>> Many are Waste of Resources & great contributors to Global Warming & Climate Change that affected the World , not just the Middle Kingdom! 🕯🌎

  2. it was called Forbidden City, as it sounds. We are a merchandise for bid, anyone of you can bid. You can have my Nazis Gold, I donate everything back into pool. for charity purpose of course.

  3. I've always been amused by the usage of the word "scheme" in Asia to refer to legitimate business plans, when in the West, it's most often used to describe corrupt or fraudulent activity.

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