Moving from the College Dorm into an Apartment

College students outgrowing their tiny dorm rooms and mini appliances will need to upgrade their appliances as they move into a new apartment. Magic Chef has the perfect solutions for this transition and growing needs. We stop by and visit with Mike Cartozzo from Home Depot once again as he shows us the best options – from microwaves to refrigerators.

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  1. These are a great solution if you live alone or have a girlfriend/boyfriend over from time to time. Most of the stuff I put in cabinets so I only go to grocery store once every two weeks. I use something close to the biggest one.

  2. I bought a 6 cubic foot fridge from Sears in 1978 for my dorm room. It has freezer compartment, adjustable wire shelves, a crisper compartment with glass top and hinged butter compartment on the door.
    Cost $300 but it's still running 40 years later and it keeps drinks ice cold.
    Mr. Home Despot man, you think any of those made in communist china will be running 40 years from now?

  3. thanks for posting this video. now I know the difference in sizes between 3.5 and 4.3 cubic foot fridge..i think I'm gonna buy the 4.3 cubic ft since it will fit nicely in my small room in the shared housing.

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