Inside Julia Haghjoo's Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

Vogue Paris visited Julia Haghjoo in her Parisian apartment to take a closer look at her style. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, this young consultant now lives in the 16th arrondissment in an interior decor that’s elegant, modern and subtle, just like her style.

Director of Photography/ Color Grade – Etienne Baussan
Journalist – Eugénie Trochu
Stylist – Morgane Bedel
Hair – Bumble & bumble
Make-up – Sergio Villafane for MAC Cosmetics
Editor – Angeline Fraioli
Producer – Mathias Holst
Editor-in-chief – Jennifer Neyt

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  1. Elles ont toutes ce même style de Jane Birkin ds les années 70'.Toutes le même jeans, blazer,cette façon à deux de tension de parler.Bref Vogue essayez de montrer des actrices ou entrepreneuses un peu moins ennuyeuses que ces gourdes.

  2. I immediately realised that she was German. Apart from that, I don't say she's fake or so, but looking at her, I can tell, that her real style would be a lot less polished up and "blazer". In general, I don't really feel her being an influencer, more like someone working in the industry or in an economy related field. But hey, it's her life 🙂

  3. des clones de la mode qui ont trouvé un style copié collé pour combler leur vide intérieur pour éviter de se regarder dans le miroir et vivre comme des autruches en fourrure

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